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Our Businnes Analytics platform offers three modules

Business Analytics, Business Intelligence e Planning | Consultoria | ViewB


The ViewB Analytics allows complete performance analysis


Data Modeler

Business Analytics, Business Intelligence e Planning | Consultoria | ViewB
  • Create information catalogs and cross subjects from different areas with ease
  • Manage connections to data source files and/or systems
  • Easily and quickly integrate data from different media and source
  • Manage the automation and scheduling of data and information load extraction
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Business Analytics, Business Intelligence e Planning | Consultoria | ViewB
  •       Create interactive dashboards with high power of analysis
  • Autonomy to create analyzes  
  • Friendly perform calculations and expressions
  • Use saved analysis in dashboards  
  • Make interactive dashboards that fits your needs  
  • Correlate areas, departments, regions or any other information of your business with your entire company.
  • Detail your information at specific and comprehensive levels
  • High availability
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Business Analytics, Business Intelligence e Planning | Consultoria | ViewB
  • Create an organizational planning in an integrated and automated way
  • Develop your planning based on business data and statistics
  • Manage the integration and planning dependency of multiple areas of the company in on platform
  • Simulate results based on historical data and behaviors
  • Create plannings in levels of information never achieved
  • Track dispersion indicators and analysis
  • Integrate analysis with your own analytics tool or with ViewB Analytics quickly and easily

Viewb Analytics Diferentials

Our data analysis tool stands out in the market


Powerful analysis tool that automates and integrates systems with excellence. 


Customize the dashboard interface to suit your business needs


Besides bringing autonomy to your company, it allows multiusers to analyze and create reports


Union of information from different sources and data flow between systems


All your data models, analysis and planning in one single platform


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ViewB Analytics

ViewB Analytics is our unique data analytics platform.

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